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HS100 Series Servo Drives
HS100 Series Servo Drives
HS100 Series Servo Drives
HS100 Series Servo Drives
HS100 Series Servo Drives
HS100 Series Servo Drives

HS100 Series Servo Drives

HS100 series is a cost-effective pulse universal AC servo driver, using advanced digital control and AC motor vector control theory. Support pulse instruction and standard RS485 communication protocol. The system features excellent performance, high reliability, high precision, stable operation, small volume, small vibration and easy operation. Powerful internal motion control function, can complete the position, speed, torque, back to the origin control mode. A highly integrated solution is adopted to achieve a smaller size and save installation space. Support 220V AC input, greatly reducing the wiring requirements, with perfect fault protection and status monitoring functions. Widely used in all kinds of general automation machinery.

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Naming Rules


Product Features


● Adopt high performance DSP processor chip, excellent control performance.

● Support magnetic coding 17 bit absolute value encoder.

● Intelligent absolute value motor, so that the motor performance to achieve the best.

● Rich multifunctional port, support common Yin and Yang connection, pulse interface can be expanded to programmable input port in internal position mode.

● Pulse module support 5V and 24V independent connection, and built-in 24V power supply, effectively reduce signal interference.

● Fully sealed design, good protection, strong anti-interference ability.

● Choose the latest industrial grade IPM module, overload driving ability is strong.

● Compact design, save installation space.

● Set position control, speed control, torque control as one.

● Complete fault protection and status monitoring functions.

● Standard built-in dynamic braking to build equipment safety system.

● With excellent low speed torque characteristics and dynamic acceleration and deceleration performance.

● With overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, overload, position out of tolerance, encoder abnormal and other perfect protection functions.




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Technical standards

H100 EN-1

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60 series


H100 EN-2

80 series


H100 EN-3