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HS600 Series Servo Drives
HS600 Series Servo Drives

HS600 Series Servo Drives

HS600 series economical AC servo drivers bring high response, high precision, high efficiency and economical choice for industrial motion control equipment, and help the equipment manufacturing industry to improve value and efficiency with excellent drive performance.  It is light in shape, easy to use, flexible, easy to debug, and has a wide range of versatility, users can use simple debugging software to set the parameters of the drive and drive debugging.  

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Product Features

● 5-bit display LED, built-in operating keyboard; 

● Supports bus communication protocols such as Modbus and CANopen; 

● Small size, strong overload capacity, high reliability; 

● Automatic load inertia recognition, simple gain adjustment, small and light weight; 

● Universal motion control function: position/speed/torque control, easy to achieve a variety of modes switch; 

● Simple operation, only four keys can be very convenient to set parameters and monitor the motor running state; 

● Built-in over current, over voltage and over heat protection to ensure reliable drive.  

Range Of Application

It can be flexibly used in CNC machine tools, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery and other industries according to speed control, position control and torque control.

Technical standards

Product Profile And Dimension Table (unit: mm)