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  • CNC Machine
    CNC Machine

    Due to the wide processing range of the machine tool, the use of different workpieces, processes, and the use of different tools, the machine tool execution components are required to have different movement speeds, so the main movement of the machine tool should be able to perform frequency conversion speed regulation.

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  • Lifting
    With the rapid development of China's economic scale, large-scale urban construction has stimulated the demand for lifting and upgrading industries, and has also increased the application of frequency converters.
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  • Textile
    In order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce energy consumption, frequency converters have been growing rapidly since they entered the textile industry in batches in the early 1990s as a process improvement and energy-saving transmission.
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  • Cable Wire
    Cable Wire
    The cable and wire industry is currently developing towards a higher technical level such as product diversification and production automation.
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  • Rubber Plastic
    Rubber Plastic
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, my country's rubber and plastic machinery has greatly improved the level of automation, which has also led to the wide application of frequency conversion technology.
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  • Printing and Packaging
    Printing and Packaging
    The printing and packaging industry is one of the most growing industries in recent years. The demand for inverters is very large, and the advantages of inverters such as reliability, energy saving and high efficiency can be fully utilized.
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  • HVAC
    In the field of heating, ventilation and refrigeration, frequency converters have made great contributions to the energy-saving transformation of fans and pumps, so they have a broad market space in this field.
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  • Elevator
    In the elevator industry, the frequency converter will develop to the field of large capacity, the application of low power will be more common, and the energy efficiency will be higher and higher.
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  • New Energy Vehicles
    New Energy Vehicles
    New energy vehicles have gradually seized new heights in the market and gradually replaced ordinary vehicles, bringing a lot of different feelings to our lives.
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  • Other
    With the acceleration of industrial energy saving in my country, the requirements for realizing energy saving are constantly increasing, and the inverter industry with energy saving effect is popular in various industries relying on green.
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