Warranty Policy

  • 1. About product quality and warranty

    1. The manufacturer provides complete and usable products.

    2. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss caused by the following reasons.

    (1) Any operation not in accordance with the requirements of the manual, incorrect operation and installation; problems and losses caused by self-repair (modification) without the permission of the manufacturer.

    (2) beyond the locked warranty period of this regulation.

    (3) Problems and losses caused by the user's artificial or natural irresistible reasons after purchase.

    (4) Problems and losses caused by users installing and using this product in an environment that does not meet the requirements of this product.

  • 2. The manufacturer's guarantee content for the products produced (if there is a contract agreement, it will be implemented in accordance with the content of the contract agreement)

    1. When used in China:

    (1) Replacement and repair within one month after shipment.

    (2) Repair within 12 months after shipment.

    (3) If the warranty period or scope is exceeded, the cost shall be charged.

    2. If it is exported overseas, it will be repaired within three months after shipment.

    3. For products that fail, the company has the right to entrust others to be responsible for warranty and other matters.

  • 3. The rights reserved by the manufacturer and the exemption of liability

    1. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by the installation and use of this product by the user.

    2. The manufacturer reserves all rights to the production products. If there is any change, no further notice is required. The actual product shall prevail.

    3. The manufacturer has the final right to interpret this product regulation.