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Industrial Automation

H-WISE provides industrial customers with standard industrial automation products such as inverters, servo drives, permanent magnet synchronous motors, etc. H-WISE is committed to providing customers with a variety of customized products and services, and continues to strive for excellence in quality, reliability, and accuracy, and to practice industrial automation, "Creating a New Future".

  • Variable Frequency Drives

    H-WISE provides a variety of general purpose and industry integration of special frequency converters. Products using high-performance vector control technology, high operating efficiency, high speed precision, fast dynamic response, easy to operate, widely used in the field of industrial automation, for our customers to create a good user experience.  

  • Servo System

    H-WISE servo system products can meet the needs of basic industrial automation equipment, through the use of high-performance servo drive and H series permanent magnet synchronous motor to build the drive system, can realize the equipment's beat time, running time shortening and energy saving.  Its strong and durable variable load control ability, convenient and practical motion control function, bring the equipment efficient smooth operation environment, optimize the production efficiency and output value of the equipment, to provide customers with solutions.