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01. Introduction of wire drawing machine

The wire drawing machine is also called the wire drawing machine, which belongs to a common equipment in the cable industry.

The frequency conversion control system of the wire drawing machine is currently the most used double frequency conversion system, one of which is used as the main drawing, and the other is used for the take-up control. High precision features. This article mainly takes the multi-frequency straight-forward wire drawing machine developed by Hebei Xuanding Technology as an example to illustrate the application process and effect of H500 in the multi-frequency control system.

02. Implementation principle and characteristics

There will be multiple reels in the straight-forward wire drawing machine. The rotation speed between each reel is calculated according to the equal volume of incoming or outgoing wires. It is necessary to keep the thread between each reel and keep the thread unbroken. It is necessary to ensure that the amount of incoming line of each reel is equal. Equal volume is the key. Most of the current wire drawing machines are equipped with sensors on each reel to detect the tightness of the wire on each reel. The signal of the sensor is sent back to the PLC, and the PLC is sent back to the inverter after PID operation to realize closed-loop control. .

The H500 series inverter can directly use its own PID adjustment, and by adjusting the position of the pendulum rod, it can ensure the balance of the wire tension between the reels, and it is not easy to break the wire. Has the following characteristics:

● Large torque at low frequency and stable output;

● High performance vector control;

● Any reel forward and reverse jog and left and right linkage;

● Good energy saving effect;

● High precision of proportional linkage control;

● With slip compensation function, high speed precision;

● Keep the tension constant and prevent thread breakage.

03. Multi-frequency conversion system of wire drawing machine

3.1 System Structure

The multi-frequency conversion system of this wire drawing machine is mainly composed of two parts: the front-stage wire drawing and the back-stage wire drawing. The front-stage wire drawing uses four 15KW asynchronous motors and reducers to thin the steel wire from φ6.00mm to φ3.80mm. 4 sets of H500-18D5T4G frequency converters are thinned from φ3.80mm to φ2.30mm, and the last frequency converter plays the role of both pulling and closing.

The system structure diagram is as follows:


3.2 Inverter control circuit wiring diagram


3.3 Inverter parameter setting


04. Operation steps of wire drawing machine

Start the front-stage wire drawing part first, and then start the fourth inverter after enough wires are drawn out. The motor of the rear-stage wire drawing part rotates faster and faster until it stabilizes. Observe that the pendulum swings slightly, and the wire drawing machine is running normally.

Live pictures

Overall picture of wire drawing machine

Control cabinet

Backstage drawing part (inverter control)

Front wire drawing part (old equipment)


05. Conclusion

H500 series inverters can be used in multi-inverter wire drawing systems, featuring simple debugging, stable operation, and good energy-saving effects. At present, they have been widely promoted in Hebei.