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CNC Machine

01. Overview

Bending machine is a kind of equipment that can bend steel plates at a certain angle. With the development of industrial technology, it has been widely used in electrical appliances, metal structures, instruments and meters, daily hardware, building materials and other industries. Machines play a very important role in the precision sheet metal manufacturing industry. Bending machines can be divided into manual bending machines, CNC bending machines and hydraulic bending machines.

02. Introduction of bending machine

With the continuous development of computer technology, the degree of automation has become higher and higher in the sheet metal processing industry. Modern production puts forward higher requirements for products, which usually need to meet the processing goals of multi-variety and small batches. When the ordinary bending machine in the past performs multi-fold bending on the workpiece, it is necessary to perform multi-fold bending on the entire batch of workpieces at the same time, so that the work of changing materials up and down is continuously performed, and the work efficiency is low. With frequency conversion CNC bending machine control, the stopper and slider are controlled by servo motors, so that precise stroke control can be performed, and batches of workpieces can be continuously bent in multiple passes, and the same batch of workpieces can be guaranteed. The consistency of the bending accuracy of the product greatly improves the work efficiency.

03. Process introduction

A working cycle of a CNC bending machine can be divided into several states: fast down, slow down, pressure holding, unloading, and return. When the equipment is working, the system controls the operation of the oil pump, and cooperates with the work of the hydraulic oil circuit control unit, so as to control the flow of the hydraulic system and achieve a reasonable pressure value under each working state. The specific workflow is as follows:

When the slider of the machine descends rapidly, the pressure oil enters the upper chamber of the cylinder through the hydraulic valve group, and the oil in the lower chamber of the cylinder returns to the hydraulic pump through the hydraulic valve group. The upper chamber of the oil cylinder is filled with liquid; when the machine slide is working at a low speed, the pressure oil flows into the upper chamber of the oil cylinder through the hydraulic valve group and continues to push the slider down; when the machine slider returns, the pressure oil enters the lower chamber of the oil cylinder through the hydraulic valve group, and the oil cylinder The piston rod pulls the slider up, and the oil in the upper chamber of the oil cylinder flows back to the oil tank through the opened filling valve, thus completing a working cycle.

Hydraulic schematic diagram of CNC bending machine

04. Application of H300 series inverter in bending machine

1. Advantages of the program

Large torque at low frequency, fast dynamic response, strong overload capacity, significantly improved efficiency and effectively reduced system energy consumption;

It reduces the temperature rise of hydraulic oil, prolongs the service life of hydraulic oil, and reduces system maintenance costs;

The noise of each process section of the bending machine is obviously reduced during the operation of fast down, slow down, pressure holding, unloading, and return, and the working environment is improved;


2. Wiring

Wiring: input (mains) R S T , output (motor) U V W 

Start signal GND DI4


3. Inverter parameter setting:

PP.01     1 Factory reset

P0.10     125 Preset frequency

P0.12     125

P1.00     2 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

P1.01     800W    Motor rated power (according to motor nameplate)

P1.02     380V     Motor rated voltage (according to motor nameplate)

P1.03     2.8A     Motor rated current (according to motor nameplate)

P1.04     125      Motor rated frequency (according to motor nameplate)

P1.05     1500     Motor rated speed (according to motor nameplate)

P1.20     265-275   Motor Back EMF


P1.37 is set to 11 (static learning), press ENTER to confirm, then press RUN, and then jump back to 125. Self-learning is successful!

P1.37 is set to 12 (dynamic learning)


4. Basic parameters:

P0.02    1  Terminal command channel       

P0.17   0.5 Acceleration Time           P0.18   0.5 Deceleration Time 

P4.01   2     

P4.05   0  No function

PC.00   5 Multi-speed frequency          PC:01   60 Multi-speed frequency

P9.08   650 Braking unit starting voltage

5. On-site pictures

05. Conclusion

The H300 series effectively reduces energy consumption, has low operating noise, fast system response, improves efficiency, and has stable and reliable operation, powerful protection functions, and simple and convenient operation; it can not only meet the forming process requirements of bending machines, improve product quality and output, but also Reduce equipment maintenance costs and create good economic benefits for users.