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CNC Machine

01. Overview

CNC machine tool is a typical product of mechatronics, which is an automatic equipment integrating machine tool, computer, motor and its driving, automatic control, detection and other technologies. Among them, the spindle operation is one of the important contents. The basic control is the forward, reverse and stop of the main shaft, which can realize automatic shifting and stepless speed regulation.

At present, the spindle control device in the machine tool usually uses an AC frequency converter to control the AC spindle motor. The performance requirements of the machine tool for the spindle drive are as follows:

j Wide speed regulation range and high speed stability;

k Under intermittent load, the motor speed fluctuation is small;

l Short acceleration and deceleration time: fast start and stop;

m strong overload capacity;

n Low noise, small vibration and long life.


02. Application case

The following takes H500 series inverter as an example to explain the application in high-speed spindle punching machine (inverter self-learning is performed first before trial operation, refer to the attached picture at the end of the text)


1. Terminal wiring


2. Parameter setting


3. Performance fine-tuning

If the stopped spindle rotates, the starting voltage of P9.08 braking unit action should be reduced.

Remarks: If necessary, connect an external braking resistor

4. On-site pictures

03. If you use inverter and motor to achieve high performance, please follow the following to perform inverter self-learning

04. Conclusion

At present, my country is in the middle stage of industrialization, that is, it is gradually transforming from opening up to solve shortages to building an economic powerhouse. Coal, automobile, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics, chemical industry and a number of high-growth industries based on heavy industry are developing momentum. Strong, constitutes a huge demand for the machine tool market, especially CNC machine tools. China has surpassed Germany to become the world's largest machine tool market, and CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. Since the H500 series inverter was introduced to the market, it has excellent low-frequency torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, ultra-high speed stabilization accuracy, and ultra-high cost performance.