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01. Introduction of Knitting Machine Technology

1、Introduction to Knitting Machine

Knitting machine is a kind of cotton yarn woven into cylindrical cloth equipment, mainly used for knitting all kinds of pile knitted fabric, T-shirt fabric, all kinds of patterns with holes and so on. According to the structure can be divided into single-sided and double-sided circular machine, widely used in the textile industry.


2、 Technological Requirements
(1)Inverter is required to have strong environmental resistance, because the field working environment temperature is high, and cotton is easy to cause heat dissipation fan blocking, damage, heat dissipation hole blockage.
(2)Flexible point operation function is required. Moving buttons are installed in many places of the equipment, which requires fast response speed of the inverter.
(3)There are two speeds required in speed control. One is the running speed of point motion, usually about 30Hz. Second, the normal weaving speed,the highest frequency up to 100Hz.

(4)In the great circle machine operation, absolutely forbidden motor reversal and rotary phenomenon, otherwise the needle bed will be bent or broken, if it is adopted the single-phase bearing great circle machine can not be considered, if the system positive &negative depends entirely on the motor and reversing, there need to be on the one hand to prohibit reversal, on the other hand you need to set up a dc slewing brake eliminated.

02. Site Requirements And Debugging Scheme

1. Site Requirements
Large circular machine industry for inverter control function requirements are more concise, general terminal control start and stop, analog quantity given frequency or the use of multi-speed given frequency. The point or low speed operation is required to be fast, so it is required that the frequency converter can control the low frequency of the motor to produce a large low frequency torque.

2.Debugging Plan
The scheme we adopt is: H501 series has speed sensor current vector inverter and high efficiency energy-saving permanent magnet motor matching power: 4KW and 5.5kW.


03. Debugging Parameters And Description

1、After power on, set P1.37 parameter to "11", press "DATA", then press "YUN" (green), and wait for about 20 seconds.

P0.02=1       External Terminal Control

P0.03=2       Principal Frequency Setting

P0.17=0.3    Acceleration Time

P0.18=0.3    Deceleration Time

P0.09=0/1    Motor Rotation


P0.01=1         Vector Control

The 10 groups of parameters have been set and do not need to be changed

P0.10=100     Maximum Frequency

P0.12=100     Upper Limiting Frequency

P1.01=4KW    Set according to motor power (5.5KW)

P1.02=380     Set according to motor voltage

P1.03=9A       Set according to motor current (12.5A)

P1.04=100     Set according to motor frequency

P1.05=1500   Set according to motor frequency

P1.27=2500   Number of encoder lines

P1.34=4         Rotational polar logarithm

2、Notice if the parameters are out of order:

PP01 set to 1 to restore factory Settings!After recovery, set P0.01 to 1, P1.27 to 2500, P1.34 to 4, P1.37 parameter to "11", then press "DATA", then press "YUN" (green), wait for about 20 seconds.