Social Responsibility
  • The social responsibility goal of Zhejiang H-WISE Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is "to make society better".

    Since the establishment of the company, we have not only pursued the greatest achievements in the industry, and continued to create high economic added value with effective strategies and excellent operational performance, but also adhered to business ethics in our daily business Laws, anti-corruption, no bribery, and no political-business relationship. H-WISE Electromechanical leads by example and drives the atmosphere, in order to improve the general morality, rule of law and business standards of the society.

    The source of nutrients for enterprises to grow and thrive is society. Only enterprises that continue to give back to the society can be sustainable.

  • As a good corporate social citizen, Huixunjun Electromechanical promises:

    maintain good corporate governance;

    Strictly abide by business ethics, abide by laws and regulations, and provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment;

    The space to give full play to talents, as well as reasonable remuneration and benefits, actively invest in environmental protection and energy conservation education;

    And encourage employees to participate in social welfare activities to create company value, improve the research and development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products and implement environmental protection actions;

    Mitigate the impact on the environment.