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HS603 Series Three Axis Servo Drives

HS603 Series Three Axis Servo Drives

HS603 series high-performance three-axis AC servo driver integrates three servos in the same frame, with three-axis synchronous control, excellent inheritance and innovation, overcomes the obstacles and complexity of multiple single-machine operation, saves 40% space, realizes optimized configuration, supports high resolution encoder, and can realize precise digital control of position.  To meet your needs of high integration and miniaturization, simple installation and convenient wiring bring the enjoyment of lightweight application. 

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Product Features

● Integral structure design, beyond single thinking, integration of three axis servo on the same frame; 

● Improve the power utilization rate, save electricity and energy;

● Multi-axis synchronous interpolation control, command synthesis in internal, high synchronization;

● Parameter management, monitoring, debugging and so on are integrated in one drive, easy to operate; 

● High response frequency, greatly improve the processing speed, shorten the setting time, maximize the high-end mechanical performance; 

● Can be used in machine tool/textile and other industry applications.

Technical Standards

Drive Mounting Dimensions (unit: mm)