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HS602 Series Two Axis Servo Drives

HS602 Series Two Axis Servo Drives

HS602 series high-performance dual-axis AC servo drive is a dual-axis AC servo drive product developed by our company. It supports multi-axis coordinated control, which goes beyond the thinking mode of single machine. It is equivalent to integrating two servos in the same drive, which improves the utilization rate of power and saves energy.  Two axis synchronous control, data exchange between axes completely without time delay, motion control function flexible expansion, to meet the user's convenience needs.  

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Product Features

● Double servo all-in-one machine series using common bus technology; 

● Dual-axis control design, with one to two, reduce installation space and wiring, reduce energy consumption; 

● Biaxial separation control, each other; 

● A/B axis have independent encoder interface and control signal interface; 

● Support analog instruction input and pulse instruction input. 

Technical standards

Drive Mounting Dimensions (unit: mm)