Energy Efficiency Limits and Grades for Motors

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-05-25 

In order to further improve the energy efficiency of motors and motor systems, promote the progress of motor technology and industry development, and give play to the great potential of energy conservation and emission reduction in the motor industry, National Technical Committee on Energy Foundation and Management of Standardization Administration of China organized and held a seminar in Beijing on revising the National standard of Limited Value and Grade of Energy Efficiency of Electric Motors and formulating the National standard of Evaluation Procedure of Energy Efficiency of Electric Motor Systems, discussing the main technical content and indicators of the standard. Leaders and experts from China National Institute of Standardization, China National Institute of Metrology, International Copper Association, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China Institute of Electrical Equipment and other units, as well as enterprise representatives from The National Explosion-proof Products Quality Inspection Center, Shandong Quality Inspection Institute, Fujian Quality Inspection Institute and other more than 30 people attended the conference.  

At the meeting, the experts and enterprise representatives fully affirmed the significance of the revision and formulation of the two standards. On the basis of connecting with IEC international standards, the scope of application, energy efficiency standard framework, technical requirements parameters and corresponding indicators of the motor energy efficiency standard were discussed. As well as the motor system standard setting objectives, scope of application of the standard, the definition of the motor system boundary, technical requirements of the test method and evaluation grade and other related clauses, in-depth discussion, and put forward perfect opinions and suggestions. 

Smooth convening of the conference, the two standard is to connect and combined closely with the international standard, perfecting standard technical indicators, market to promote the important link, the effective drive motor system is running on evaluation of energy efficiency and energy saving in the process of upgrading, to expand the international market, the implementation of the motor industry, energy saving and emission reduction to achieve industrial power and green development to provide strong support.