Influence of external working conditions on service life of frequency converter

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-04-22 

Due to the structure of the inverter itself, the normal operation of the converter are greatly influenced by the external condition of environment, in order to guarantee the operation condition of the external environment within a certain range, the external environment by the timing of the inverter do maintenance, preventive maintenance inspection frequency converter, guarantee the inverter working environment optimization, do contact fault early detection, early treatment, reduce inverter serious probability of failure, Reduce equipment downtime.  According to our company's years of on-site experience, the summary is as follows: 


Ambient temperature: the temperature is too high and the temperature change is bigger, the frequency converter internal condensation phenomenon is seen, especially after the equipment downtime on electricity again, because the frequency converter due to power outages, its temperature cooled, the moisture in the air is cooled and attached to the circuit boards, chassis, bronze, on its insulation performance could be greatly reduced, even may cause short circuit accident; If there is a lot of dust accumulation in the inverter at this time, and it is not maintained and cleaned in time, the failure rate of the inverter will be very high, and even multiple equipment may be damaged at the same time, directly leading to production halt. 


Inverter working temperature: high-power inverter is internal electronic components, are highly susceptible to the influence of working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will lead to electronic components work abnormal, in order to ensure the normal operation of the inverter, must ensure that the inverter electrical cabinets have good ventilation cooling system, electrical cabinet into the outlet without congestion, for ensuring the normal ventilation fan. 


Vibration and impact: Because the electrical connection inside the frequency converter is usually screw connection, the line between each circuit board is also connector, such as the frequency converter working condition vibration is large, easy to lead to poor contact of these parts. 


Dust: Inverter more dust in the working conditions are not suitable for work, because the inverter itself depend on forced air cooling heat dissipation, dust is more easily lead to frequency converter cooling fan is blocked, even burning blower, dust will plug the cooling air duct, cause heat not discharge in time, the inverter can not get good heat dissipation, its working temperature, will lead to frequency converter overheat alarm and shutdown, In serious cases, the inverter is directly damaged. 


Power supply: Abnormal power supply is roughly the following 3 kinds, namely, lack of phase, low voltage, over voltage, these three conditions will directly lead to frequency converter does not work, the main reason for these abnormal phenomena are mostly caused by transmission line, sometimes also appear because the same power supply system of short circuit, interphase short circuit or a start-stop result in large-scale power equipment, in addition to the voltage fluctuation, Some power grids or self-generating units will also have frequency fluctuations, and these phenomena sometimes repeat in a short period of time. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, corresponding requirements are also put forward for the power supply of frequency converter.