How to maintain permanent magnet motor?

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-05-14 

Permanent magnet motor is a new type of energy-saving explosion-proof motor. Any machine needs protection after a period of time, as do permanent magnet motors. The protection requirements of permanent magnet motor are as follows. 


Timely eradicate sundries, dust and sludge outside the motor base. If the environment is dusty, it is necessary to clean it every day. 


Often check the motor terminal, screw loose or burn. 


Measure the insulation resistance of the motor regularly. If the environment is humid, it should be measured often. 


Regularly clean the bearing with kerosene and replace the new oil (usually replaced once half a year). When changing the oil, it is not recommended to be full, generally accounting for 1/2 to 1/3 of the oil chamber, otherwise, it is easy to heat or throw out. 


Check the vulnerable parts of the electrical initiating equipment regularly to see whether the contacts and terminals are burned, oxidized, and whether the contact is outstanding. 


Insulation inspection. The insulation ability of insulating materials varies with monotony, so it is very important to keep the motor windings monotony.  Permanent magnet motor wholesale motor operating environment damp, corrosive gas between the operation of the existence of factors, will damage the insulation of the motor. The common winding grounding fault is insulation damage, so that the live part and the shell and other metal parts should not be charged collision, this kind of fault, not only affect the normal operation of the motor, but also endanger personal safety. Therefore, in the use of the motor, insulation resistance should often be checked, but also pay attention to check whether the grounding of the motor casing is reliable. 



In addition to the punctual protection of the motor according to the above contents, the motor and related mechanical equipment should be overhauled in a planned way. Carry out a complete and comprehensive inspection and protection of the motor, supplement the short and worn components of the motor, completely eradicate the dust and dirt in the motor table, check the insulation, clean the bearing and check its wear.