Energy saving status of inverter in electric power industry

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-08-03 

At present, the situation of energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction in power industry is more serious. Because frequency converter can efficiently save electric energy and improve the technological level in many industries, therefore, to some extent, vigorously promoting the application of frequency converter in various industries can reduce the pressure of power generation index in the power industry, save electric energy while reducing emissions and energy consumption.    


At the same time, the power industry is also one of the important application fields of inverter products.  From the control process related to frequency converters in China's thermal power plants, the transmission devices of wind, coal, water, slag and tail gas system are suitable for the application of low and medium voltage frequency converters. 

With the rapid development of modern power electronic technology and computer control technology, the technological revolution of electric drive has been promoted. Ac speed control to replace DC speed control, computer digital control to replace analog control has become a development trend. Ac motor frequency conversion speed regulation is one of the main means to save electric energy, improve the production process, improve product quality and improve the operating environment. Frequency conversion speed regulation with its high efficiency, high power factor, as well as excellent speed regulation and braking performance and many other advantages is considered by the domestic grandfather the most promising way of speed regulation. 


Due to the entry of foreign brands into the domestic inverter market, the market share of foreign brands has reached more than 70%. European, Japanese and Taiwanese brands ABB, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric and other foreign brands occupy the majority of China's low and medium voltage inverter market share. 


Domestic brands are represented by Edli inverter, Shenzhen Inwitten, Chengdu Hope Senlan, Shenzhen Huichuan technology and so on.  With the development of inverter industry, the core electronic devices of inverter from the original SCR(thyristor), GTO(gate can turn off thyristor), through BJT(bipolar power transistor), SITH(electrostatic induction thyristor), MGT(MOS control transistor), MCT(MOS control thyristor), Development to today's IGBT(insulated gate bipolar transistor), HVIGBT(high voltage insulated gate bipolar thyristor), the update of devices to promote the application of inverter more widely, the market scale rapidly expanded. 


With the promotion of energy-saving industry, the potential capacity of inverter market has attracted many industry participants. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 100 brands in the domestic inverter market, in addition, there are thousands of companies engaged in product agent sales and secondary development. Relevant statistics show that at present, the growth rate of frequency converter installation capacity in the domestic market reaches about 20%. According to such development rate and market demand, it will take about 10 years to saturate the frequency converter market. 


Generally speaking, China's frequency conversion speed regulation technology started later than Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries later 10 ~ 15 years. However, some experts believe that due to the current middle and high-end inverter market application is mainly occupied by European and American, Japanese brands, from the long-term development trend, there is nearly 80% import replacement space, low and medium voltage market will be the main battlefield for inverter in the future. 


Low and medium voltage inverter industry is a strong cycle industry, closely related to the national economic cycle. Although affected by automation high-end equipment upgrading and transformation of the driver remains the same, but under strict austerity measures in the country last year, some small and medium-sized enterprises because of the price hike in raw materials, labor costs increased, and the loan is difficult, for new equipment procurement and technical reform of capital into facing financial difficulty, the demand for the inverter has slowed, The use of acceptance bills by small and medium-sized users will also reduce the enthusiasm of channel merchants to expand the market.