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H-3000A/H3000B Series CPU Module PLC

H-3000A/H3000B Series CPU Module PLC

H3000A/H3000B series is a programmable controller for CPU module of medium machine, supporting multi-axis motion control, with rich interface, flexible expansion, 5V differential high-speed pulse output, the highest frequency up to 4MHz.  

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Product Features

● Medium PLC with strong performance, equipped with high-speed FPGA;

● Has 4 axis, 12 axis, 20 axis three versions to choose from

● Built-in 2 RS232, 2 RS485, 1 TCP/IP;

● Built-in AD/DA;

● Built-in differential encoder, high speed input;

● Supports EtherCAT fieldbus communication;

● 1~4 axes are motion control axes, which can be used for electronic CAM and multi-axis interpolation.


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