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H300 Series Mini VFD Drives
H300 Series Mini VFD Drives
H300 Series Mini VFD Drives
H300 Series Mini VFD Drives

H300 Series Mini VFD Drives

H300 series simple frequency converter is an economical and applicable product developed by our company.  It has a wide speed range, high speed precision, fast dynamic response, high efficiency, high power factor, convenient operation and a series of advantages.  It is widely used in winding machine, fan, pump load, woodworking equipment, lifting equipment, printing package and other occasions, especially in textile machinery, with good energy saving effect.  

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Product Features

● Easy installation: support screw installation and guide rail installation; 

● High power density: effectively achieve product volume minimization; 

● Fast current limiting: hardware fast current limiting function, avoid frequency inverter overcurrent failure; 

● Simple PLC, multi-speed operation: through the built-in PLC or control terminal to achieve up to 16 speed operation; 

● Built-in PID: easy to realize process control closed-loop control system; 

● Over-voltage and over-loss speed control: automatic limit of current and voltage during operation to prevent frequent over-current voltage trip; 

● VF separation: two ways: full separation and half separation. Automatic voltage regulator AVR output. 

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