How to judge the quality of a frequency converter?

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-12-23 

Now domestic inverter performance is becoming mature, various kinds of dazzled, many brands have been test of the market, but there are also part of the brand to imitate a false to disrupt the market, domestic brands have a characteristic is the exterior forms and some domestic brands and imported one brand appearance similar to that of a domestic brand, and another domestic brand look-alike, etc., This makes it impossible for people to see the inner and inside information of a brand, and it is easy for people to make wrong judgments when choosing a brand.  

Frequency converter first gives people the appearance of visual impact, just like mobile phones, have a first impression. A good inverter has a novel appearance and a unique streamlined body, which seems to be more tension. Such shell design requires shape design, mold opening and typesetting of internal components. When it comes to mass production, the cost is already very high. For example, ABB frequency converter is very thin, Fuji frequency converter is very wide, Siemens frequency converter is very thick, all have their own characteristics. 


But domestic inverter brands do not have the strength to invest in these improvements, so that domestic brands are square and straight at a glance, no recognition at all. This requires us to carefully observe which brand of abrasive tool the shell template is opened to see whether it is an obsolete model, which can be respectively the potential of this manufacturer. Appearance is not the most important, but work to see that the strength of a brand, the material of shell, such as flame retardant value can distinguish cost roughly how many details and open shell, see inside circuit board layout is reasonable, open the shell and circuit board step is human nature, some frequency converter internal how all can't open, also not on screw, how do you make open repair. 


Circuit board work can also be seen at a glance, whether the machine patch, whether there are three anti-paint, a few layers of circuit board, whether there is virtual welding, whether there is copper wire back and forth in the circuit board, these can see an enterprise in the circuit board design layout strength. A bad layout will also bring problems to the frequency converter, and the inverter module is imported brands, module of current value, these will directly affect the service life of the converter, and is the capacitance transducer, whether capacity is enough, the brand is a big brand, these will affect the performance of frequency converter, finally see the inverter air duct, duct design is reasonable, The heat dissipation capacity of the frequency converter can be improved greatly, whereas the frequency converter will be prone to frequent failure.