Five ways to extend the life of frequency converters

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-01-23 

Five ways to extend the life of a frequency converter 

After frequency converter maintenance, we feel that: if people can pay attention to avoid some misunderstandings and clear some wrong ideas in the use and maintenance of frequency converter, then it will be of great benefit to the use and maintenance of frequency converter. 


Frequency device should not be installed on the equipment with vibration, because the main loop connection screw in the frequency converter is easy to loose, and many frequency converters are damaged because of this reason. 


Wiring problem: the input end of the frequency converter had better be connected with an air start to protect the current value can not be too large, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit burning will not be too serious. The "N" terminal must not be grounded. The control line should not be too long.  Because this makes the control board prone to electromagnetic interference and misoperation, it will also lead to the damage of the control board, more than 2 meters long had better use shielded wire. Do not install the contactor with high current and regular action next to the frequency converter, because it interferes very much with the frequency converter, often make the frequency converter misaction (display various faults). 


It is better not to rely on the frequency converter itself to brake, but to add the brake voltage or mechanical brake, otherwise the frequency converter is often affected by the motor counter electromotive force impact, the failure rate will be greatly improved. 


If the frequency converter often runs at low speed below 15HZ, the motor needs to add a cooling fan! 


Dust and moisture are the deadliest killers of frequency converters. It is best to install the frequency converter in the air conditioning room, or installed in the electric cabinet with dust network, to clean the dust on the circuit board and radiator regularly; The frequency converter which has been down for a period of time had better use a hair dryer to blow the circuit board before powering on.