Domestic inverter industry market demand status

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-03-09 

Frequency converter has certain advantages in the field of energy saving because of its functions of speed regulation.  According to calculation, the power saving rate of the motor system using the frequency converter is generally about 30%, and it can reach 40% ~ 60% in some higher occasions, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.  The requirements of various machinery industries to realize energy saving and environmental protection are constantly improving. The frequency converter industry with energy saving effect enjoys a popular market relying on green and environmental protection.  

Insiders point out that with the promotion of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the market development of inverter industry is gradually promising, and China's inverter market has maintained a growth rate of 12% ~ 15% in recent years.  Data show that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's investment in environmental protection will reach 3.1 trillion yuan. It is expected that by 2015, the total output value of China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry will reach 5.3 trillion yuan, equivalent to 8% to 10% of GDP in the same period. 


Behind the huge market demand, the capacity and level of China's inverter industry is still relatively low, mainly because the industry started late, the market is also gradually opened under the background of energy conservation and environmental protection. In the extremely fierce market competition, some enterprises adopt some irrational competition methods to obtain more market share by reducing the price of frequency converter and other competition methods. 


However, although the high-end technology of the inverter industry in China has not completely achieved a breakthrough, with the impact of the entry of overseas inverter enterprises, people's requirements for the quality and performance of the inverter are constantly improving. China's inverter enterprises should deeply realize that only by improving the scientific and technological strength of enterprises is the important weapon for the development of the industry in the fierce market competition, and also a magic weapon to win market share. 


Under the globalization, enterprises of all countries are fighting for more market shares. For the domestic inverter industry, it should first get rid of the mire of price competition to win the market and seek broader development space by improving the scientific and technological strength of enterprises. In the future, market competition will continue to intensify, and enterprises will eventually be forced to withdraw from the market if they still pursue development in a static way. 


The next 10 years will bring both challenges and opportunities, as well as the breakthrough development of China's inverter industry. At present, the growth rate of frequency converter installed capacity (power) in The Chinese market is actually about 20%, and the potential market space is about 120 billion ~ 180 billion yuan. Among them, low-voltage frequency converters account for about 60% of the market share, and the remaining 40% is occupied by medium and high-voltage frequency converters.