Common security risks of frequency converters

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-06-30 

Condensation, moisture, damp 

Due to moisture caused by the door pole discoloration, resulting in poor contact. 

Due to moisture caused by the ignition phenomenon between the main circuit board copper plate. 

Lead to electrical corrosion of the resistance inside the frequency converter and wire break. 

Condensation in insulating paper causes discharge breakdown. 



Corrosive gas 

Poor contact of relay caused by corrosive gas. 

Short circuit between crystals caused by corrosive gas. 

Terminal corrosion causes short circuit of the main circuit. 

Circuit board corrosion causes short circuit between components. 



Metal and other conductive dust, dust 

Too much conductive dust such as metal causes short circuit of main circuit. 

Dust blocking cooling plate temperature is too high, resulting in trip and burn. 


Poor heat dissipation caused by oil pollution leads to failure and scrapping 

Oil, oil mist attached to water vapor, condensation moisture. 

The frequency converter cannot dissipate heat, so that the exhaust fan running cannot exhaust air. 

Cause damp and mildew between terminals or devices, insulation decline, short circuit when the inverter is started up, can not be repaired, can only be scrapped. 



Inaccurate selection, and parameters are not adjusted to the best use state

Inaccurate selection will cause early overload of frequency converter and the phenomenon of small horse and big car. 

The parameters are not adjusted to the best use state, so that the frequency converter often overcurrent, overvoltage and other frequent jump protection.