Eight grounding considerations for servo drives

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-07-21 

In servo system, do you know what should be paid attention to when grounding servo drive? 

Eight points to note for grounding of servo drives are as follows: 

— The correct shielding connection is at a reference potential point inside the circuit, which depends on whether the noise source and the receiver are both grounded or floating. 

— Make sure that the shield is grounded at the same point so that the earth current does not flow through the shield. 

— Avoid a variety of connection to the earth generated by the ground loop is easily affected by noise and generate current at different reference points. 

— When the AC power supply is not isolated from the DC bus of the driver, do not connect the non-isolated port or signal of the DC bus to the ground, which may cause device damage and personal injury. 

— Avoid servo drive to external power supply, will directly affect the work of the controller and the driver. 

— The common voltage of AC is not to the ground. There may be a high voltage between the DC bus and the ground. Direct grounding is prohibited. 

— In the servo system, the public ground and the earth must be connected together at the signal end. 

— In order to keep the command reference voltage constant, to the servo driver signal ground to the controller signal ground.