Do you know the role of frequency conversion technology in the new era of energy saving?

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-09-10 

With the advent of the new era of energy saving in China, a new word has frequently appeared in people's mouths, that is "frequency conversion". Here we from the frequency conversion air conditioning, frequency conversion refrigerator in familiar home appliance equipment begin to understand, the public knows energy-saving is their representative sex function only normally. We can understand from the side, frequency conversion technology is a kind of technology can achieve the effect of energy saving.


The main application field of frequency converter is in the electric power industry, which has a wide and universal application market. Among them, the application in the thermal power industry is coal feeder, powder feeder, induced draft fan, primary fan, secondary fan, etc., the application market space is broad. In the existing industrial control technology, frequency conversion speed regulation technology of energy saving effect is more significant, energy saving proportion of about 30%-50%, cost recovery cycle for half a year to three years. 


At present, frequency conversion technology is mainly used in the electric power industry to change coal, powder and water to adapt to the change of load, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving energy and improving the control process level. It plays a key role in energy saving, emission reduction, safety and smooth operation of thermal power plants. The application of low-voltage inverter in the electric power industry mainly includes coal feeder, powder feeder and other conveying devices, as well as blower, induced draft fan, fan device and all kinds of pump devices, which belong to the middle market of the current frequency conversion technology application.


In 2011, the power industry, especially thermal power enterprises, attracted much attention because of losses.  Although the end of the electricity price adjustment program appeared around the short market situation, but hinder its performance in the market above the various factors, and can not rely on a paper electricity price adjustment program to remove. In recent years, there has often been optimism among power companies, whether they are traditional thermal power plants or the sterilized energy plants favored by the policy.  At the end of the day, they still exist in many weak links in the chain, which have not changed: the small steps of energy restructuring and factor price reform. The adjustment of power industry structure is mainly reflected in: increasing the proportion of installed capacity of disinfection energy in total installed capacity; Increase the proportion of disinfection efficient generator set in the total number of units; Accelerate the application of clean power generation and new energy generation technologies; We will strengthen power grid construction, promote consultation and development of power grids at all levels, and enhance the capacity of power grids to allocate resources across regions. 


At present, the purpose of low-voltage frequency conversion transformation in the electric power industry is to improve the motor operation performance, which belongs to the lower level of demand, so the growth rate is relatively stable, maintaining a 15%-20% growth in recent years.  Low - voltage frequency conversion in complete sets of equipment, the price is higher, but the performance requirements are lower. Therefore, the upstream enterprises pay more attention to the use of products, so that the market share of foreign brands reached more than 70%. From the overall development, the growth of low-voltage inverter comes from the extension of servo system and complete sets of industrial control equipment.