Won The Title Of "The Second Member Unit"

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-04-01 

Zhejiang H-WiSE Technology Co.,Ltd  With outstanding scientific and technological innovation strength and huge market development potential, the company passed the evaluation smoothly and won the title of "the second session of zhejiang Automobile Industry Technology Innovation Association member unit". 

In the past five years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly and made major breakthroughs in technological innovation. It is bound to become the industry with the strongest momentum of Internet + and the most worthy of expectation.  As the second member of "Zhejiang Automobile Industry Technology Innovation Association", Hui Xun Jun will enhance the new ability of sustainable competition, help the economic reform and development of the automobile industry, and make due contributions to more convenient traffic and more comfortable experience. 


We must embrace pioneering ideas, work together to struggle, and at the same time should also see clearly that the contradictions and problems existing in the current new energy automotive industry, fully recognize the importance of the reform and development of new energy this industry task difficulty and, to complete each work diligently, let us hand in hand side by side, before the sheer behavior associations compose a better future.