Fire Brigade Gives Fire Drill To Staff

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-12-12 

In order to improve the fire safety awareness of enterprises, improve the actual combat ability to deal with emergencies, and improve everyone's fire safety literacy, dry kiln fire Brigade organized a fire drill on December 12, 2019. 


In practice, GanYao fire brigade of the instructors in the fire drill of actual combat points at the same time, the interpretation and simulate the scene of the fire, fire drill the sense of ascension you, instructors also for field personnel carefully explained the method of use of fire extinguishers, and common sense, basic fighting after a fire accident defense self-help measures such as basic knowledge on fire control safety. 


Under the guidance of the drill instructor, the company personnel participated in the fire fighting drill and emergency rescue operation demonstration one by one. They acted quickly, decisively and calmly, and excellently completed each drill task.  After the exercise, everyone said that the training method of combining theory and practice through such personal participation, personal experience and hands-on operation was easy to accept and impressive, and made everyone have a deeper understanding and understanding of fire safety knowledge and the importance of fire fighting work. 


The fire publicity and drill, so that enterprises further master the knowledge of fire safety in daily life, improve the ability to deal with fire safety accidents, and laid a good foundation.