May 2021 Staff Travel To Huangshan

Editor:浙江汇迅骏机电技术有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-05-10 

May 2021 is full of life, the awakening of life, the return of life, but also the vigorous growth of life.  It's a time of life, a time to celebrate our very existence.  In order to thank all the staff of Hui Xun Jun, decided by the meeting of the company leaders, we organized a two-day tour of "Anhui Huangshan mountain" in May. 


In the morning of May 8th, after the organization and arrangement of the department leaders of the company, the employees of the company, organized and disciplined, boarded the tourist bus in an orderly manner at 7 o 'clock on time according to the number and list of scheduled personnel.  After more than four hours of driving, the driver of travel agencies and tour guides, arrived in tunxi street, everyone according to the tour guide, first came to the restaurant, after lunch, tour guide take you to the yuping house scenic area, yuping house is to a nozzle, has been gloriously enrolled garden and landscape as the main characteristics of the region of ancient village tourism scenic area, is rich in natural landscape, where there are beautiful natural environment,  Huizhou has a profound cultural heritage, known as "elegant landscape pastoral, Hui-style ancient corridor" reputation, and is famous for the three national treasures of the spirit, three academicians. 


The happy time always passed quickly. The tourism activity on May 8th was basically over. We drove to Tangkou according to the guide and arrived at the hotel after about 40 minutes' drive. 

May 9, early in the morning, a lot of people get up early to have breakfast, eagerly waiting to experience the "Huangshan" trip, after coming to Huangshan, we take a group photo according to the coordination of the tour guide, in advance to prepare a beautiful group photo for the tour!  After the group photo, we organized and orderly into the Huangshan scenic area. 


Huangshan mountain is the world cultural and natural heritage, the world geological Park, the national AAAAA level scenic spot, the national scenic spot, the national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration point, the Top ten Famous Mountains in China, the world's first amazing mountain.  Huangshan mountain is located in huangshan city in southern Anhui Province. It has 72 peaks. The main peak lianhua Peak is 1864 meters above sea level, and it is one of the 36 peaks along with guangming And Tiandu Peaks. 


At this point, May 9 around 4 PM, Anhui Huangshan tour activities perfect end, according to the guide's arrangement, in the restaurant to eat, hungry people, waiting for dinner, sure enough, a place to eat, everyone like a storm ransack the food. 


After the "Huangshan tour, hui Xun Jun staff returned to their designated vehicles and seats in an orderly manner, and returned to the company, which took about 4 hours by car.  I believe that in the follow-up work, all employees will definitely devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm, and make their due obligations and responsibilities for the development and growth of the company. 

We work together, we work hard, we struggle, because we are a family, we are "H-WISE" this big family, I love my family!