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Will motor controller of new energy vehicles become the mainstream?

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But at the same time, traditional car companies seem to be stuck in a cycle of new products.At present, the speed of Chinese automobile enterprises to turn to the new energy market has not reached the speed of rapid development.But is this thinking really true?Was it a long-term poison that cheated the market and drove our technological development off course?



At this year's Guangzhou Auto show, more than 20 percent of new energy products appeared in more than 100 new cars, including almost all new cars of Chinese brands, a sign that Chinese car companies are still expanding their product lines under their brands.The wider the product range, the easier it is to grab the market.On the other hand, it is regrettable that so many new products have been released in a centralized manner.However, apart from the price and basic configuration parameters, there doesn't seem to be much technical focus to focus on and discuss.


Let's take a look at the origins of these new energy products at the auto show.They mostly use oil and electricity conversion methods.Car companies will replace their mature fuel trucks with powertrains.When the appearance does not change, the interior does not change, and even some functions do not change, a new new energy product will appear.

Thus, to the consumer, information about the product is nothing more than price and endurance.Under the trend of oil conversion, the rapid and effective development of new energy vehicles by Chinese automobile enterprises has become the main means, and people have gradually accepted and got used to this trend.It's hard to see what's wrong with it.But I don't see any surprises either.

Reasons behind the collective oil and electric power reform of automobile enterprises:

There has been little discussion about whether China is developing new energy primarily through oil-powered conversion, or how exactly to define whether cars are oil-powered conversion.However, in my opinion, the horizontal transplantation based on the original fuel platform, even after some detailed optimization, does not give full play to the organism advantages and high technical added value due to the electrified integrated system.They should all count as oil conversion.

The widespread use of oil in changing dynamics does indeed relate to the reasons why many car companies have to do so.There are dual interest policy oppression, there are constraints on the cost of research and development.When the market has clear (durable), emergency (restricted) and low price (micro and small cars) demand, "oil generation" has become the only way to supply a new energy vehicle to the market in a very short period of time at the lowest cost.

A few years ago, restrictions on license plates and other issues brought much-needed new energy products to the first and second largest cities in China. It was obvious who could move faster and take the first step to occupy the market.At this year's Guangzhou auto show, many models have little more than a two-year rotation cycle.Some even begin to appear in public within a few months.In addition to the intuitive time and cost, there is also the question of how to compete with popular models that have already been brought to market in the first place if the company chooses a longer cycle.For example, due to the slow entry into the market, the final pricing problem also affected its market performance.

For years, China has been encouraging new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle controllers and setting aside enough subsidies and r&d cycles for companies.But looking at the models on the market, the longest cycle is only about three years, and even so, the high costs and patience of the market are not all for car companies.So oil and electricity reform offers a quick way to cut costs.Car companies do not need to reinvest in design, development and the construction of new production lines.

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